Welcome to the NEW RandRealty.com!

We wanted to thank you for being a user of RandRealty.com and to let you know that we have some big, exciting changes coming!

We’re in the process of completely redesigning our website, and as part of that change, we’ve significantly improved our property searching tools by utilizing the National Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate property search.


What does this mean to you?

The Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate property search is an amazing tool that provides better, more accurate property data than the major real estate portals like Zillow and Realtor.com. These accurate search results are returned lightning fast – faster than ever before.

The search also gives you the ability to view your search results on a map, but also let’s you do things like draw a shape around the specific area you’re interested in and to see only the listings in that area!

Because this is a completely new search site with so many new features, you’ll need to complete a new registration and re-create your saved searches.

If you’re currently working with a Rand Realty Agent

If you are currently working with one of our agents, click here to go to the agent search.

Be sure to click the “Agent Name” link then search for your agent.  When their name comes up, click on it to go to their profile and start the registration process.

Registration is Easy!

Once you’re on your agents page (or the RandRealty.com home page if you’re not working with an agent) Click on the “Sign Up” link in the top right corner of the website to register.

It only takes about 45 seconds to register, but if that’s too much of your time, you can easily login with Facebook or a Google Account!

Once You’re Registered…

Once your registered you can save searches, save homes, track changes for specific properties like prices changes, you can even save places like where you work or go to school and search homes near your most visited areas!

And there's an APP!

In addition to our new site, we also have a slick, new iPhone app that works great! It is totally integrated with the new site so that all your saved searches and properties are always kept in sync.  You can: