Preparing for Your Move

It’s almost over. All the hard work you put in to get your home ready for sale, keep up the property appeal while it was on the market, negotiate your offers, review your contract, and all the rest now finally result in the closing. You’ll move out of the property, the buyer will do a final “walk through,”‘ and you’ll go to the closing to sign a lot of documents and walk out with your check.

To help you in that process, we will give you some tips on setting up your move and explain what happens in a closing. We hope that our Orientation Guides have helped in some small way to explain and demystify the home selling process.

We wish you the best of luck on your sale, and for the future. Thank you again for giving Rand Realty the opportunity to work with you.

1. Notifications of Change of Address

•Fill out change of address forms with the Post Office.

•Send out “we’ve moved” messages to friends and family by email or mail.

•Change your address on social media sites.

• Notify your doctors and any pharmacies.

•Notify the OMV.

•Notify everyone’s job, school, or anyone else who sends important mail.

•Notify your credit card companies.

•Notify your bank.

•Notify any other service that bills you regularly.

2. Cancellations of home services.

•Cancel your utilities.

•Cancel your phone bill.

•Cancel or move any newspaper delivery.

•Cancel your cable or satellite service, and return equipment.

•Cancel any other home services that you pay monthly.


Posted on May 25, 2017 at 12:50 pm
Vincent Abbatecola | Category: Rand Seller Orientation Guide

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