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The borough of Closter is not only a great place in which to live, but it’s also ripe with history.  Closter was settled by Dutch families in 1710, who used the territory as farm area for the next 150 years.  Then, in 1859, the first wood-burning locomotive of the Northern Railroad came through Closter, which soon led to people coming up from Manhattan for vacations.  Closter continued to grow and now has a population of approximately 8,700.

Their Parks and Recreation Department consists of five parks and a baseball field, Memorial Field.  If you want a way to stay active and in shape, these parks will provide you with those opportunities.  They offer everything from workout stations to athletic courts/fields to picnic areas.

Closter’s public safety includes their fire department, fire prevention bureau, police department, and an ambulance corps.

If you’re a commuter, Closter has several options for public transportation with routes to the city and back.  They have busing through Rockland Coaches (Coach USA) and New Jersey Transit, the closest stations of which can be found in Emerson and Oradell.

If you enjoy volunteering, Closter has several organizations that you can assist (pending openings), such as the Environmental Commission, Shade Tree Commission, Improvement Commission, and the Board of Health.

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