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The Village of Pomona was founded in 1967 and has half of the village located in the Town of Haverstraw and the other half in the Town of Ramapo. Founders of the village chose a name that reflects the area’s rural roots. Pomona, in Roman mythology, is the goddess of fruit trees, gardens and orchards.

Pomona is home to the Pomona Cultural Center, 584 Route 306. In 1914, Walter Robb Wilder of Wilder and White Architect designed the building as a schoolhouse – Pig Knoll. The building changed hands a few times, fell into back taxes and was eventually bought by the village under Mayor Melvin Klingher, who envisioned a community and history center. Community meetings were held and the name Pomona Cultural Center was given and has since housed many exhibits. In addition to exhibits, there are poetry readings, arts and music to enjoy.

Pomona has three village parks and is near Harriman State Park, the second-largest park in the New York State park system with 31 lakes and reservoirs, 200 miles of hiking trails, miles of streams and scenic roads and scores of wildlife species, vistas and vantage points.

In Pomona, Secor Park hosts the village’s annual fishing tournament for children at its pond. The park was a land gift from Ben Secor, a large landowner, to the Quaker Church in 1816 and the Ladentown Methodist Church in 1865 on Ladentown Road. The park was created and named in his honor. Burgess Meredith Park, off Woodfield Road, has a children’s playground, basketball court and paths by the Minisceongo Creek. The park was named after late-actor Burgess Meredith, a one-time resident of Pomona who provided seed money that helped form the village. Van den Hende Park is off Beaver Dam Road and has two tennis courts. Hende was the first mayor of the village and part of a group who spearheaded the incorporation of the village.

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