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New challenges require new solutions. In a more competitive and complex marketplace, with more homes on the market than ever before, the old ways are not enough. That’s why we have put an innovative stamp on traditional marketing to help you stand out and reach today’s more sophisticated and demanding buyers. Our “new solutions” marketing campaign is designed to accomplish three goals: (1) attract the largest possible number of buyers, (2) engage those buyers with appealing displays of your home’s best features, and (3) convert those buyers into action.



Social Media: The New Networking Frontier                                               

As the rise of social media changes the way that people communicate, we’ve adapted our marketing campaign. All our agents have access to social media marketing training, and all our listings are searchable on Facebook, the leading social media site in the world. Through Facebook, we have created a social network involving hundreds of our agents and thousands of people throughout the region.

Internet Advertising: The Most Relevant Websites                  

Because your buyer could be anywhere in the world, we advertise your home on real estate websites reaching millions of consumers. We also feature and showcase your home on the most popular and highest-traffic sites, with special partnerships with,,, Zillow, and Facebook. Your home will not only be on those sites, but also given great placement and enhanced displays to draw buyers in.

Mobile Platforms: For All Mobile Devices 

People are increasingly searching the internet on their phones rather than their computers, so we have optimized to work on every major smart phone platform, including Android and iPhone. We also advertise our properties on the two most important mobile platforms for our clients: the iPhone apps for Zillow and Realtor. com.


Industry Networking: The Best Connections                               

As the world gets smaller, it’s even more important to have the right connections. Your buyer could be anywhere in the world, so we are part of the largest real estate networks available in the industry. This includes our affiliation with Realogy, the world’s largest real estate broker network, and with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, the fastest-growing franchise in the country and a brand recognized by millions of people. Also, to maximize the possibility of finding the right buyer for your home, we’re affiliated with Cartus, the world’s leading corporate relocation company.

Media Advertising: All Local News Sites and the New York Times     

As the internet has revolutionized the media industry, buyers increasingly get their news on their computers or mobile phones. Our media campaign reaches those buyers, with special partnerships with local news outlets.



Targeted Direct Mail: The Pinpoint Database                         

Real estate brokers have been using direct mail to market properties for years, but our New Solutions Marketing Campaign takes direct mail to a new level through the exclusive Pinpoint database. We can identify potential buyers for your home not just by location but by demographics – targeting them by their interests, age, income, length of residence, or dozens of other variables. This is the leading demographic database in the marketing industry, available only to us because of our association with Meredith Corporation, the publisher of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine and dozens of other publications.

Agent Marketing                                                                                   

Finally, your marketing campaign will be orchestrated by your Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty professional agent, who will build on the company’s marketing campaign and add the personal touch. Our agents have access to an astounding array of tools and resources to help sell your home, everything from market analysis to property flyers to a personal website that will feature your home. Your agent will discuss some of these personal touches at your initial consultation.

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