How to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Landscaped flower gardenWhen you’re getting ready to sell your home, you do everything you can to make it look flawless as you go from room to room to make sure that every space is as clean and organized as can be. While you’re taking care of the inside of your home, however, it’s very important not to forget about the outside. As soon as a potential buyer pulls up in front of your home, you want them to get excited about going inside. They might even want to stay outside for a few minutes beforehand to marvel at the exterior, if you have put a lot of admirable work into it. You want the outside to shine every bit as much as the inside, so here are some steps to take when working to increase your home’s curb appeal.

During the warmer months, you’ll definitely want to do some gardening to add pops of color to your front lawn, so take advantage of the beautiful weather to plant some flowers. You should even get some potted plants to hang from the roof of your front porch, and also maybe add a plant to each side of the front door to make the entrance even more welcoming.

For the colder months, after you’re done raking the leaves, decorate the front of your home with some pumpkins or other fall-season adornments to give your home a festive autumn feeling. In the winter, use some holiday lights to brighten up your home. I know it’s very unlikely for a buyer to be getting a tour of your home during the night when these lights will be turned on, but you never know if they might decide to drive past and see what your home looks like when it’s beautified for the holidays. A decorated home will also help to radiate a sense of warmth and love from within that home.

If it’s raining, have the lights turned on in your home. Even if the potential buyer won’t get the full effect of your home’s exterior beauty in the rainy weather, at least they will be able to see the interior beauty shine through the windows when they pull up to the home.

Always remember to keep your lawn freshly mown. It will let your potential buyer know that you are diligent in keeping up the pristine appearances of your lawn. Don’t make the buyer have to venture through a jungle to get to the front door!

It’s important that you keep the front of your home as tidy as possible, so if you have children, try to keep their outdoor toys off of the lawn and front porch. You don’t want the buyer tripping over anything on their way to the door and potentially hurting themselves. It also won’t hurt to take a quick scan of your lawn to make sure there aren’t any bits of litter floating around.

If your porch is beginning to look old and the paint has started to chip, consider applying a new coating, either of the same color or a different color entirely. If you end up picking a new color, you don’t want it to be obnoxious, but you want it to be eye-catching to the buyer. So, pick something that’s both tasteful and attention-grabbing.

When tasked with boosting your home’s curb appeal, you’ll definitely want to consider hiring a professional if you plan on making any significant changes, such as creating a walkway, like from the driveway to the front door.

For your home to stay in the mind of the buyer, consider including some outdoor artwork on your front lawn, such as birdbaths, sculptures, or wind chimes. Never underestimate the relaxing power of the musical sound of wind chimes. Just try not to go overboard with the artwork.

There is much you can do when improving your home’s curb appeal, but these are just a few suggestions to help you get started. This is a task that involves a lot of work, but it’s also fun and rewarding. Do everything you can to make your home memorable for the potential buyers so they step out of their car and think to themselves, “I would love to own this home.”

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Posted on April 9, 2015 at 12:26 pm
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