Tips on Moving from the City to the Suburbs

suburban-street-1388617Living in the city can be an exhilarating experience. With the diversity of people, entertainment, cuisine, and the unending excitement of urban life, it’s safe to say living in the city is never boring. However, after a while, you may feel the need to slow down and look for a living situation that’s a little more low-key. If that’s the case, you may begin thinking about moving to the suburbs. Although this may be the right solution, it’s a significant transition between two very different lifestyles. But, there isn’t any need to worry because we’re going to offer you some tips on how to handle the move.

As you begin your search, don’t look for a house at first; look for a community. If you find a house you like, that’s great, but if it’s in an area you don’t care for, you won’t be able to fully enjoy your new home. You have to look at the whole community to be sure it offers everything you need. Search for an excellent school district; a simple commute; shopping for food, clothes, and other necessities; and most important, affordable housing. Before you begin your search, make a “wish” list of everything you want in a community. Then, as you do your research, check off your requirements as you find them in the communities you research.

You’ll also want to experience the ambiance of the community you like. You may experience a bit of a culture shock while doing this, but it’s best to research the community now to avoid any surprises later. Remember, you’ve been surrounded by culture and all types of influences, and you may find the suburbs to be limited. But, if you look close enough, you will find some hidden gems in and around town that will please you. As you walk around, take careful notice of the other residents and see how they interact with each other. The way people act with one another will give you a clear idea of the camaraderie you can expect amongst the townspeople.

There’s a good chance that, whichever community you look at, you’ll be checking out the Main Street to see the business scene. Don’t base your decision to move on the downtown area. Even if the town’s Main Street has great stores at which you can see yourself shopping, the street may not have everything your family will need. You’ll probably have to do some shopping in other areas, so get out and visit places outside of town to make sure everything you need isn’t too far away.

Your commute to work should also be a primary consideration when thinking about a move to the suburbs. When you live and work in the city, your commute is rather simple because you have easy access to public transportation. In the suburbs, however, you’ll either use your car for the trip, or you’ll have to make your way to the train station and then switch to the tracks. You should check the main roadways throughout your town if you plan to use your car, to make sure there’s a convenient route to work. Or, if you’ll be using public transportation, study the train schedules to make sure they meet your needs.

If you have children, take time to visit local schools to see that they offer everything your children require. When checking out schools, don’t just focus on test scores. Yes, they can tell you how well a collective body of students is performing, but it’s not indicative of how much attention your child will receive from teachers. If a class is fairly small, the students will really get to know their teacher, leading to a connection that will help the student perform better in the classroom. If you’re making the move to the suburbs before your children are old enough to start school, make sure to take a look at all grade levels in the school district to see ensure your children will receive a quality education from pre-school to high school.

It will take some time to get used to living in the suburbs after being immersed in the vibrancy of city life. Even if you have lived in the suburbs before living in the city, you still may need to do some adjusting. Although going through a major move comes with some difficulties, it will also be fun to explore a new place. The suburbs can offer their own excitement; you just have to know where to look. If you don’t want to move too far from the city, choose a community that will allow you to easily visit the city. That way, you can have a foot in both worlds. Take your time to find a community and house that suits you, and you’ll surely find a place where you’ll be happy.

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