The Rand Guide to Renting

The Rand Guide to Renting How to Resolve Disputes with Your Landlord Hopefully, your tenancy will be uneventful. You’ll enjoy living in the property, you’ll stay through your full term, and you’ll move out when the lease is over. But what happens when you want to get out early, stay late, or not live there at all? Here is a guide to resolving common disputes with your […]
The Rand Guide to Renting Five Ways to Maintain a Great Relationship With Your Landlord Keeping good relations with your landlord is crucial for ensuring a good experience as a tenant, as well as giving you a great reference for future rentals. Here’s how to keep a great relationship with your landlord. Although Better Homes and Gardens Realty is only involved in the initiation of your rental process, and not for […]
The Rand Guide to Renting Understanding Your Lease When you rent property, you’ll be signing a formal lease, which is a legal agreement between you and your landlord. Because most leases are form agreements, you should be able to prepare for your review of the lease your landlord will provide. A lease is a formal legal agreement that sets out your obligations to the […]
The Rand Guide to Renting Understanding the Rental Process Although renting a home is not nearly as complicated as buying a home, it’s still important for you to have a full understanding of the rental process so that you can be prepared for what you’re likely to experience. The process starts with a set of forms and agreements that you need to complete, and ends with […]
The Rand Guide to Renting Five Good Reasons to Rent, and Five Good Reasons to Buy. At Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty, we help thousands of renters rent their new homes each year. We also help thousands of buyers purchase a home. The decision on whether to rent or buy is a very personal one, but it’s important to understand when one choice might be right for you. Traditionally, most […]
The Rand Guide to Renting Why Renters Love Working with Rand You have made a great choice to work with Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty on the renting of your new home. Not only are we committed to providing you with an outstanding service experience, but we also want to empower you with information and tools to help you find the perfect rental property. At […]
The Rand Guide to Renting Renting Your Home with Rand Realty Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you on the rental of your new home. We look forward to providing you with the services that have made Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty one of the largest real estate companies in the country and the leading brokerage in the region. When you […]
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